Methods of business processes analysis

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Types of business processes analysis

Analysis of business processes includes not only work with graphical schemes but also the analysis of all available information on processes, measurements of their rates. To make business more effective managers use time trackers to get a broad, obvious and correct analysis of business process. A time tracker helps to make the process of monitoring easier and quicker.

There are several methods of subjective assessment of processes. Besides that well known methods of analysis can be used for quality analysis of processes such as SWOT-analysis or using Boston matrix for analysis and others.

Methods of graphical analysis are less elaborated. There’s no concrete classification of them. But time trackers usually provide graphical analyses as they are more obvious and easy to comprehend.

Methods of quantitative analysis are better elaborated. Most of them are based on getting, processing and analysis of statistic information about processes. Actually methods of statistic analysis have been elaborated for implementation of quality management systems. Statistic analysis is also presented in the variety of analyses available in a time tracker system.

Processes ranging on the basis of subjective assessment

Processes ranging is made on a preparative stage of a project when it is necessary to give an assessment for each process of a company and decide which ones need improvements. However very often managers use time tracker reports to see what processes do not allow a project be more profitable and what processes aren’t effective. Anyway such kind assessment is subjective as a manager decides how to improve the process.

There are several approaches to process ranging. A time tracker can help to assess the effectiveness of one or another process by showing a detailed analysis of it.

It is important to notice that subjective assessment cannot be the basis of long term projects of work improvement of a company. This method is usually used when it is necessary to provide a quick analysis of situation with business processes on the basis of quality indicators.

Process analysis according to representative requirements

Each process of a company can be analyzed according to representative requirements. Nowadays there are no special standards for business processes. But options of a time tracker allow setting your own model of business processes and making a comparative analysis with the dynamics of current business processes of a company. A time tracker report will show weak points of processes and give a broad analysis of it.

Measurement and analysis of process indicators

Measurement and analysis of process indicators are important tools for finding ways of process improvements.  There are several types of process indicators:

  • Time indicators
  • Technical indicators
  • Cost indicators
  • Quality indicators

All these indicators can be calculated and analyzed in a time tracker system which substantially simplifies business processes analysis.

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