Time tracker CrocoTime: best solution for remote work

Time tracker CrocoTime best solution for remote work

Outsourcing is getting more and more popular. According to this fact there is a question: how to transfer your employees to home office not lowering their effectiveness? Actually, there are lots of risks for a company. However, very often remote employees are interested in it even more than employers. Time tracker CrocoTime can solve this problem. It will be useful for employers as well as for employees.

Solution for an employer

It is obvious that when an employee starts working remotely, an employer doesn’t see him every day and starts doubting: whether an employee works properly and enough or not. Using CrocoTime, it becomes possible to see performance statistics of an employee, to find out when he started to work, which tasks he did and what applications and sites he used. Social nets, online markets or entertaining platforms – everything that get you employee distracted is recorded by a time tracker. If there is a lot of time spent on activities which are not connected with work tasks, you can assume measures and clear the situation by talking to an employee or even impose a fine for violations.

But besides the main aim of a time tracker – to monitor the work of an employee, there is one more advantage of using it. Thanks to time tracker reports it becomes obvious which business-processes are ineffective and which actions is just a waste of time. So, this means that such a tool of modern business can help you to optimize your processes and make your company more profitable without involving of additional human resources.

A piece of advice for an employee

If you work remotely by yourself, it is important for you to know how to plan your day effectively and how to work at home not getting distracted on other things.

There are lots of articles about popular method of self-management: it is time management. Time management really helps to raise effectiveness during the whole working day. But sometimes it is not quite clear how much time is needed for some certain task. To find it out and to set time limits on your activities, you need to use a time tracker. Time tracker CrocoTime will help you to see how much time was spent on using of certain sites or applications while implementing your work. If you try to exclude time spent on different distractions, you will be more effective and will spend less time on doing your work tasks. In other words, CrocoTime can help you to spend less time but to do more.

Some managers also use time tracker reports to calculate wages. Using it, you will be sure that the amount of your payment is correct and there won’t be any difficulties with your employer.

As you can see, time trackers, such as CrocoTime, help not only to control work time of remote employees, but also to calculate optimal time for making standard orders and work tasks, which will help you to exclude overloads and failure of deadlines.

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