New approach to effectiveness: CrocoTime

New approach to effectiveness CrocoTime

Time tracker CrocoTime is a perfect solution for companies which take care of their effectiveness. CrocoTime is oriented on medium and large business. This time tracker is able to monitor activities on tens of thousands computers.

How it works

All sites used by employees can be divided into two groups:

  • Productive
  • Non-productive

The time tracker records the time spent on some certain site. According to set parameters (productive or non-productive sites) it will calculate the percentage of effective spending of time and will present statistics on the effectiveness of employees and departments in general.

Crocotime is not just a data miner; it is a complicated tool for monitoring. The time tracker analyzes the number of getting in different sites and can operatively react to appearing of new non-productive sites. It gives drilldown reports on new as well as already known non-productive sites. Moreover, the system cooperates with other systems. For example, CrocoTime can present data for calculation of KPI. The possibility of being integrated with other programs which are used by a company is an advantage that can save your time and make a business-process more convenient.

The main aim of CrocoTime is to find problem areas in human recourse management and to raise the effectiveness of work of the whole company, using correct load distribution.

CrocoTime solution gives the opportunity to find out:

  • What meetings are unnecessary and do not bring a profit to a company;
  • What business-processes are not optimized and what you need to optimize them;
  • About violation of labor standardization;
  • About mistakes in setting of work schedules and personnel assignments by subdivisions;
  • About violations of labor discipline and breaches of a schedule.

Using time tracker CrocoTime you will be able to:

  • save on a salary fund;
  • raise total profits of a company without involving of additional human resources;
  • optimize business-processes of a company;
  • raise personal effectiveness of each employee;
  • exclude actions which don’t bring you profit.

Moreover, CrocoTime can affect positively on the corporate culture and team spirit. Employees will realize that they are a tem and the success of their company depends only on them, because everyone wants to be a part of a powerful and sustainable company.

To sum it up, it is important to notice that CrocoTime is not just a tool for monitoring of time spent on different activities of your employees. It is a solution that can help you to solve lots of problems of a company connected with optimization of your business-processes and human recourse management. It can help you to be aware of everything what is going on in a company and to manage it successfully.

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