Time trackers: how to make your employees work?


Every company is interested in increase of profits. It doesn’t matter whether it is a bank or a beauty salon. But successful development is possible only if your company staff do their work properly. Is it possible to find out who is really hard-working or who just sits and does nothing?

Now it’s not a problem! You just need to install a special time tracker on computers at your office which will help you to control activities of all your staff members. Best example of such time trackers is CrocoTime software. We are going to tell you about it.

Your employees are under your total control!

Nobody can tell you for sure what your worker does at his computer during his work day. Some people are quite responsible and try to do as much as possible during a work day. But others just surf the Internet or entertain themselves and wait for the end of a work day. But, fortunately, you have the chance to check the effectiveness of all your employees using CrocoTime time tracker.

With Crocotime you will always be aware of everything what is going on in the computers of your workers. This time tracker allows you to find out when your employees start their work day and come to the office, when they leave it, how much time they spend on breaks, smoking or other activities, how often they get distracted from their working tasks.

After installing of the time tracker you just need to give some information on specific schedules or responsibilities of your staff members, their names and the names of departments. The more detailed information on staff schedules and working tasks you give the more detailed and correct report of the time tracker you get.

Illustrative reports!

Time tracker CrocoTime will inform you about all activities of your staff members in the office. The software will keeps a record of all sites and applications which have been used by workers during the whole work day. All this information will be performed for you diagrammatically. It will help you to understand who is a really effective worker and who doesn’t allow you to raise your profit.

Moreover, the report will give you the information about those who over-fulfill the norm or those who doesn’t work enough. Sometimes this information is enough for a manager to redistribute duties or to find ways to give bonuses to the most hard-working employees.

In the end…

To summarize all mentioned above, it is important to say that CrocoTime is software which is necessary for any company. Why? Let’s say once again:

  • The time tracker will help you to optimize your business processes
  • You will forget about lazy workers forever!
  • You will be able to analyze, which activities are useful and which ones is just a waste of time for your company
  • CrocoTime will help you to motivate employees and to raise profitability of your company
  • Save your own time as most of reports in CrocoTime are drawn automatically
  • It’s not a problem if you have a specific staff schedule – the software is flexible and can adjust to you.

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