Time tracking: see your employees in different eyes

Time tracking: see your employees in different eyes

Departments of larger companies are big and it is not hard for a line manager to make a mistake in estimating the load of their subordinates. The automatic time tracker will help to assess the workload of employees objectively.

Employees often give an impression of being busy, while being idle in fact. There are also quiet employees who may perform the lion’s share of the work while not pretending even to a praise from their manager.

How to use the CrocoTime time tracker to figure out who really works? We’ve prepared this step-by-step guide:

Step #1: Select the employees with the most unproductive time

To do this you need to list the structure of a required department then sort the employees by non-productive time in descending order with a single click of the mouse on a column header. You will see a list of staff members, the upper part of which demonstrates the highest percentage of distraction in the workplace.

Step #2: Identify the cause of improper activity of an employee

There is a bar next to each employee’s name which allows you to see a detailed statisctics for an employee. The time tracker allows you to view a list of programs and sites an employee interacted with. You can see how often the employee had used the program and draw a conclusion about the cause of improper activity. For example, the exploitation of a resource for a long time can say that an employee was idle. Frequent, but short-term distractions, on the contrary, attest to the accessing the resource in fits, in between the main activity.

Step #3: Take action on identified employees

Now, when you know the real workload of employees, you will be able to redistribute tasks among subordinates. If your personal opinion coincides with the automated time tracker statistics you’re completely immersed in work process and properly evaluate potential of employees. Finding a reserve where you didn’t expect to find it will allow you to revisit some of the subordinates’ workload and build teamwork with the greatest benefit to the business.

With the automatic time tracker there will be no room left for guesses and assumptions. You’ll not only know who is busy and with what, but you’ll be able to control workflow on basis of objective information. Using modern personnel management tools, you’ll be able to find the idle employees and even take a fresh look at their colleagues.

Using the automated time tracker the workload can be fairly distributed among subordinates, as well as to develop a balanced approach to new challenges. Such methods allow the manager to be fair in making decisions and build competent personnel management policy. After all, nothing motivates an employee as a fair attitude towards the performance and evaluation of his contribution to the team. Thoughtful implementation of the automated time tracker increases productivity more than the increase in the working day, rising a plan and overtime work would.

The automated time tracker CrocoTime as a loyal system of employee productivity monitoring. Thanks to the skillful implementation of the solution in a company you can improve the productivity of workers and staff loyalty to the system. “Our clients often use an opportunity of personally presenting the time tracker to the staff, — says Alexander Bochkin, founder of the CrocoTime automated time tracker. This tactic allows you to immediately solve pressing matters and establish a confidential dialogue between the employer and the subordinates.

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