Types of business-processes

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Business-processes of companies start functioning long before the moment a company is formed, has job positions, time trackers and staff schedules. Any business-process starts from the idea which is developing into the system of activities and into a functioning structure.

Business-process starts from customers interviewing and finishes when customers are satisfied with a product or a service. The aim of describing business-processes is to see problems and gaps which cause confusion in work and cooperation of different divisions of a company.

There are three types of business-processes:

  1. Managing: business-processes which manage functioning of a system. Corporate management or strategic management can be examples of this type. A time tracker can have auxiliary function in managing business-processes.
  2. Operating: business-processes which provide the main business of a company and make the basic income stream. A time tracker acts as a controller of this process. Production, marketing and sales are examples of operating business-processes.
  3. Supporting: business processes which serve the basic business. For example, accounting, human resource management, technical support. A time tracker is a key tool for human resource management. Moreover, time tracker software can be integrated with accounting software and technical support service in order to optimize business-processes of a company.

A business-process can be structured to several processes which are aimed to provide the main business-process.

Business-processes should be constructed in a way to make a cost and a value for customers and to exclude unnecessary activities. Each business-process should have a manager who will be responsible for its effectiveness. A manager can provide a monitoring of a business-process using a time tracker.

Besides the types of business-processes there is a classification of them. It is usually needed for a correct describing of business-processes of a company.

Business-processes classification:

  • Main business-processes
  • Providing business-processes
  • Management business-processes
  • Development business-processes

Main business-processes

Main business-processes are following:

  • Processes making an added-value of a product which is produced in a company
  • Processes making a product which is valuable for external customers
  • Processes the main aim of which is a profit
  • Processes external customers are ready to pay for

Providing business-processes

Providing business-processes support main business-processes and infrastructure of a company. A customer is not ready to pay for such processes; they are needed for a company to exist. Clients of providing business-processes are divisions of a company and employees which are internal customers of a company.

Management business-processes

Management business-processes are also providing business-processes. They are not needed for external customers but they are needed for a company management because these processes allow managing a company, providing its existence and development.

Development business-processes

Development business-processes are the processes the aim of which is to get a profit in the long term and to improve and develop a company. Investments are the example of development business-processes.

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