Aims and types of assessment of personnel according to results of their work

Aims and types of assessment of personnel according to results of their work

Assessment of results of personnel work is systematic studying of work process of a person and his progress. Information on results of personnel work is used for development of plans. Current periodic assessment includes assessment of work results and factors determining the level of progress of such results and analysis of their dynamics.

The main aim of assessment is in determining of the degree of work effectiveness of personnel. Assessment requires gathering of information on how good each employee fulfills his duties at work. Using of a time tracker can save time on information gathering and analysis of work effectiveness. It is important to inform employees about results of their work. Time tracker reports and other statistics should be accessible for each employee in order to give a chance to improve current results, if they do not correspond standards set by management of a company. At the same time, assessment of work results allows defining of best employees.

Time tracker monitoring is the most convenient way of gathering information on work effectiveness of employees. Time trackers record time spent by an employee on different work tasks and can present a report on effectiveness of work of each employee.

There are different aims of personnel assessment:

  • Administrative (upgrading, abasement, reassignment, labor contract termination)
  • Informational
  • Motivational

All these aims are connected between each other as very often the same recourse of information is used: it is a time tracker statistics. Results showed in a time tracker report very often become a basis for administrative changes, at the same time, they make employees be aware of their goals or failures, and can motivate personnel.

Assessment of personnel is an important step to determining of personal contribution of an employee into results of work of a company.

To assess results of work of an employee, it is important to set a standard for each group of employees in order to determine positive or negative deviations from it.

Assessment of personnel is needed for company managers in order to regulate factors influencing on profitability, development, market share of a company. Human recourse managers use assessment in order to define the number of vacancies in a company, turnover rate of personnel, number of candidates, etc.

Choosing of methods of assessment which correspond the aims, work conditions and requirements of a company is a difficult task. To fulfill this task it is important to be aware of peculiarities of business-processes, specifics of different job positions of a company and other special aspects of business.

In order to improve efficiency of a company, it is important to know how your personnel work. Assessment helps to be aware of current situation and gives a chance to improve it.


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