Conflict management in a company: preventing or using?

Conflict management in a company preventing or using

Causes of conflicts in companies

It is recognized that existing of conflicts inside of a company is an indicator of quite a good working atmosphere. In some cases managers create conflict situations by themselves in order to improve company performance. Company management should inculcate innovations, behave actively and react on changes happening inside of a company. Using of a time tracker helps to provide a thorough analysis of employee performance, giving management an opportunity to be aware of everything that is going on in a company.

There are lots of connotations and definitions of conflict. It usually means existing of disagreement between several people or groups of people.

People usually want recognition of their points of view or fulfilling of stated objectives. They use different behavior models for it.

First mention about a conflict evokes associations with aggressive behavior, threatening, arguments and wars. Consequently, there is an opinion that opposition is negative and can cause a conflict. Some psychologists agree with this point, and others think that arguing is useful for development.

It is difficult to say what exactly should be regarded as a truth. Conflicts appear daily even in companies with effective management and there is no chance to avoid them. Effectiveness of a company in this case depends on experience of a chief manager and HR specialists. The main purpose of management is to change deconstructive atmosphere to constructive direction. Time tracker statistics shows how effectively personnel work and what business-processes need to be optimized. Many misunderstandings and conflicts can be avoided thanks to using of a time tracker.  

Any conflicts appearing:

  • Can help to define existing points of view, in case if people didn’t reveal them for some reasons;
  • Give additional information;
  • Offer alternative variants of problem decision.

In general, making of decisions in groups becomes more effective. This can satisfy requirements of a company.

Oppositions can be divided into two groups:

  • Functional – can help to enlarge company working efficiency;
  • Dysfunctional – lower personal satisfaction of employees.

Effective conflict is useful for a company if it is managed properly and can be finished in appropriate time.

How to use conflicts?

While introducing of innovations, it is better to involve all employees to discussing of them, listen to the criticisms and offerings and correct an innovation.

It is really important to provide a correct division of duties. Modern time trackers help to provide an appropriate workload distribution. Higher management defines a list of necessary activities; develop alternative methods for their implementation.

Changes should be introduced only by a higher management. Delegating of duties is also acceptable. In this case employees should perform good results of work and show their devotion to a company.

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