CrocoTime: common problems solved by the time tracker

Common problems solved by the time and attendance software

Learn how to use the time tracker to identify a problematic department, unproductive employees, assess the effectiveness of measures taken, as well as how to quickly spot labor discipline and schedule violations, monitor lateness, analyze periods of work with websites and applications.

  1. How to identify a problematic department? It is more convenient to analyze the data collected by the time tracker on the level of departments. This way it is so much easier to find problematic departments and resolve problems with their supervisor. To do this, the time tracker CrocoTime uses hierarchical grouping of employees and departments and imports organizational structure from Active Directory. Using the sorting, it is easy to find departments with the largest amount of unproductive time and see the employees of the department on the same screen without the need to switch between tabs. Moreover, it is possible to drill down statistics of applications and websites usage.
  2. How to identify the most unproductive employees? All employees of an organization can be shown as a linear list, which can be sorted. In particular, the time tracker can sort the list of employees by unproductive time.
  3. How to spot labor discipline violations? Violations usually occur frequently enough and spending a lot of time to review all statistics to detect them is expensive. Therefore, the time tracker CrocoTime provides email alerts and notifications sent to a manager in case of labor discipline violations.
  4. How to monitor and prevent lateness? The time tracker CrocoTime records time of the first and the last computer activity of employees to monitor lateness. In addition, CrocoTime records periods of absence from a computer, allowing a manager to deal with excessive smoke breaks of subordinates. In order to properly record lateness and absence the software must be configured and schedules of employees (or groups and departments) has to be set. There are basic schedules and individual schedules can be set for specified employees or groups. The time tracker supports data export to other applications. For example, lateness and absence data can be exported to payroll software for automatic calculation of fines.
  5. How to analyze periods of work with websites and applications? Sometimes employees argue the accuracy of statistics collected by the software. In other words, the employee disputes the data of automatic attendance. The time tracker CrocoTime provides specific intervals of application and websites usage with an accuracy of seconds. The information of applications’ and websites’ paths is also available. Such a detailed data is useful in disputes and is convenient when there is a need to block or remove new entertainment website or distracting application.

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