Is the time tracker as useful for an employee as it is for an employer?

Employee monitoring software CrocoTime.

There are difficult times in any organization. It is not rare for an employee to stay overtime to complete an urgent task, but such work is rarely paid.

Any employee who frequently works overtime would appreciate a tool that records their performance and gives an opportunity to receive payment for their work. This is possible with the time tracker CrocoTime. With CrocoTime an employee does not have to prove the overtime work by any other means: the time tracker will give an objective assessment of the work. And while at first it may seem that the time tracker is installed only to serve the need of an employer, it also serves as an excellent tool for equitable wages. How does it work? The software records the work time (when an employee started and finished work), because when you turn on the computer the time tracker agent application begins to gather usage statistics and sends it to the server. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat by just turning on the computer and not working. The time tracker of CrocoTime gathers data on how work time is spent: productive work or unproductive activity. CrocoTime easily tracks lateness and absence of employees. A manager will always be able to make an objective assessment of employees’ work. If an employee is busy, works overtime, without interruptions, distractions, spends time working with productive websites and applications, it can be a serious argument in the discussion of the wage level with a supervisor. Statistics collected by the time tracker show objective and unbiased picture of the real situation and proves the need to either relieve some of the burden from the employee, extend the staff, or increase the employee’s wage. CrocoTime supports synchronization with other software used in organizations, which avoids the human factor, solves disputes about overtime, prevents mistakes in calculating the wages as working time table are filled automatically when data is passed to a payroll software. The time tracker of CrocoTime has a number of features:

  1. Speed: A report on 1 000 employees can be obtained in less than a second. The software does not slow down employees’ computers;
  2. Loyalty: The information collected by the time tracker does not violate their rights to privacy. The software neither captures keystrokes, nor desktop screenshots, nor does it analyze personal correspondence;
  3. Easy installation: The time tracker can be remotely installed on every computer in a whole company and synchronizes with Active Directory;
  4. Integration: The software supports passing accounting data and synchronization with payroll software used in companies.

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