Time to part ways: time tracker to find a right person to keep

Find with CrocoTime which employee to keep

Most often dismissal is a procedure unpleasant for both employee and employer. But in some situations it is inevitable. For example when the data collected by the time tracker shows that one of the staff members is regularly occupied with his personal matters instead of doing a job.

And this is just one of the reasons to think of parting ways with an ineffective employee. There are several other cases when dismissal is possibly the best way out.

When an employee…

… is unable to cope with his responsibilities. Perhaps this is the most common cause for dismissal. The time tracker shows that the employee is busy all day, but his competences, knowledge, and skills are clearly not enough for this position and therefore the result suffers when the employee is under perfectly adequate load. If a manager postpones the dismissal for any reason, more often than not it adversely affects the performance of the whole team. If one employee does not work properly and it involves no consequences, why should other employees work hard? Of course, in such a case you must take prompt action.

… violates the rules. When an employee performs well in general, but systematically violates labor discipline: comes and goes when he wants to, takes long breaks, misses work, etc. The time tracker will record the regular violations of rules and will alert the manager, because the measures need to be taken quickly. After all, as in the first case, such violations reduce the productivity of the entire team.

… does not know how to communicate with customers. Customers are the source of income for the company and incompetent employee can be able to ruin it. He deceives, is rude, breaks promises and violates the standards of your company? Such a situation needs to be resolved quickly, it makes no sense to pull the dismissal.

… is a bad influence for the whole team. It is not easy to recognize saboteurs: they quietly sow pessimism and negativity, provoke conflicts, weave intrigues, pit a team against bosses. Of course, this is all done not in full view of management, but during breaks, in the smoking room, in closed cabinets. A manager should pay attention when the time tracker records a loss of productivity in a previously effective department. Maybe a saboteur is already undermining the work of the team? It is also possible that some specialist is underloaded and has free time on his hands for such an activity. The employee monitoring software will help to identify the saboteur and the problem will be resolved promptly.

… has reached his ceiling. When a company is developing rapidly, the team must evolve at the same pace. After all, professionally lacking employees pull the company back: they spend more time tasks, break deadlines and make more errors. If the performance of an employee does not meet the requirements of a growing business, dismissal is often inevitable.

… has “burned-out”, is tired. A common scenario for a very responsible and valuable employees. They sacrifice themselves for the company until they get ill. The reasons are different: a bad project, congestion challenges, personal problems, a professional crisis. A manager should pay attention to the time tracker statistics of those employees who constantly work overtime, who are stuck in the office, who work on holidays and weekends. If you failed to prevent a “burnout” and the employee cannot recover, probably, it is time to part ways.

Most often by postponing a dismissal the manager hurts both the employee, and the business. If parting with the employee is inevitable, you should not postpone the issue under the carpet, and solve it quickly.

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