Time tracker and employee monitoring: how not to loose your customers

Time tracking and employee monitoring software CrocoTime increases productivity.

Canadian marketers estimate that a reasonable waiting time for client services is no more than 8 to 15 minutes. Increase of waiting time causes negative emotions in customers and they will more likely move to competitors. How to prevent this and improve the productivity of staff? The time tracker CrocoTime will help to meet the challenge.

The success of any organization depends on the quality and, most importantly, quick service. One of the reasons for the reduction in speed of service is unauthorized use of working time. Analysts found that about 20% of work time is spent on social networks, games and other computer entertainment. In addition, every time when an employee is distracted, it takes at least 10 minutes to focus on work. The time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime monitors which applications and websites staff uses when and for how long. It provides a manager with detailed information about employees’ activities during the working day. Thus, excuses about “lacking time” to communicate with customers when this is not actually so, will no longer take place. Mechanisms for determining time spent on entertainment sites are simple and transparent to staff. Due to full automation of time tracking and monitoring software the human factor is excluded. This further improves discipline and increases the effect of the penalties. Another factor that negatively affects the quality of service is lateness. CareerBuilder.com survey shows that 15% of employees are late to work at least once a week. This means that a company is not only less likely to attract new customers, but risks losing their regular customers. The time tracker of CrocoTime will record the time of the first and the last computer activity of staff, giving the opportunity to monitor lateness. The CrocoTime time tracker also calculates time of absence of an employee in the workplace. Thanks to the architecture and mechanisms used in the time tracker it is perfectly adapted for geographically distributed branches of companies. It supports terminal servers, Active Directory, different time zones, and high performance. We at CrocoTime have developed the time tracker to help you to increase productivity of your staff, numbers and satisfaction of your clients.

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