How automatic Time Tracking can help with Project Management

Why do you need a time tracking system

We all know that putting in the effort to be more organized pays up in the end. But it’s a serious hassle especially when it comes to time tracking. As a project manager or business owner, you want your team to work without interruptions and distractions (more so if they multitask a lot), and some employees find clocking in and out to be annoying. Sometimes they just want to stay focused on what they need to do and worry about all the time tracking technicalities at the end of the day. And they should be able to do that. With CrocoTime time tracker it is so easy.

CrocoTime is an automatic time tracker that records everything happening on your employees’ computers in fine detail – all the files, apps, websites they open – letting you know exactly how much time they spent doing their tasks. They can then just assign recorded time entries to appropriate tasks at the end of workday.

Meeting deadlines without relying on a chance

If your team works on different projects and you notice that projects move slower than expected, you can analyze the detailed time entries in your automated time tracking app to see where the road block is. If an employee spends too much time on a minor task, or maybe some members of your team are simply overwhelmed and need help. The time tracker will help you to notice this in time making it much easier to repair this situation and still meet your project deadline.

Your team’s work will never go unpaid

Automatic time tracking will give you an accurate report of how your employees spent their time, so not a single minute of their time spent working will remain unbilled. If they were to use a regular time tracker, there could be activities they might not even be taken into consideration or forgotten about, like sending an email to your client or talking to a colleague about a project on IM, but these all add up and it’s only fair your team gets paid for it. With everything being so precise, you won’t have to worry that you’re overcharging the client either. There will be no more guesstimates and this will give both you and your client a sense of satisfaction that everything is done.

Avoiding work overload

By accurately estimating how much time your employees need on specific tasks and projects, you can also avoid overworking your team. You will no longer take on projects and then realize you can’t meet the deadline and be forced to make your employees work overtime. This will create unnecessary frustration for both you and your team when it can totally be avoided by using the time tracker.

Prioritizing important tasks

There are important tasks, there are urgent tasks, and then there are the non-essential ones. You always want your team to focus on what’s important and take care of the urgent ones when the need arises, but few of them are truly urgent. If you know exactly how everyone in your team spends their time, you will notice it when one of your employees spends too much time on a non-important task and you can let them know what your expectations are so they can realign their priorities.

Less frustration for employees

Many people find the need to start and stop a timer irritating. Some of them are great multitaskers and it’s really inconvenient for them to have to remember to maintain the timer in between tasks, while others just forget about it or simply get distracted by other activities like reading articles or checking Facebook, and they forget to stop and restart the timer in between work. With CrocoTime, your team members can just install it and it will automatically start recording their activities every time they boot up their computer. This way, they can just forget about the time tracker and match everything up at the end of the day. They will also no longer feel the need to put in fabricated estimates in their timesheets when they realize they forgot about the time tracker.

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