How not to burn yourself out

How not to burn yourself out

There is one key rule of marketing: “Listen!” We try to listen to desires of customers but we got used to ignore ourselves. Every day we take into consideration wishes of customers, search for compromises with suppliers, and take care of personnel. If only we could take care of ourselves!..

We use scientific achievements of management which have proved their effectiveness in rising of companies’ productivity. But we regard ourselves as the smallest indivisible unit of a company. But how about regarding you as a particular organization with its own sources, basic funds, current assets, corporate culture, and personnel?

Make pauses

Intellectual labor takes a lot of energy. And it is very important to make breaks. For example, you can use the following scheme: you work 45 minutes and then you have 15 minutes of break. It seems hard to spend 15 minutes on a break for the first time. But try to notice how your productivity changed!

The case is that your brain needs a break. In order to keep your productivity you can just change your activities in order not to get tired.

Simple change of activities will bring you:

  • Minimizing of the amount of mistakes, which will effect positively on your effectiveness and time spent on certain work tasks. Time tracking systems will show that you have raised your productivity.
  • Rising of self-motivation. Not only a time tracker will show a positive effect, but also your mood and motivation will be at the highest level. You won’t be exhausted after a work day. You will be excited by your
  • Appearing of creative decisions. It is one of most pleasurable effects which will give the desire to implement the most unpleasant and monotonous work. Creative decisions can optimize your business and give new approaches to it.
  • Time tracker reports show that those who change activities every hour have better results at work. So, this can help you to advance in your career.

After an effective implementation of your tasks it is important to make a pause. It would be better to change your activity to another interesting task for your brain, for example, reading. Moreover, reading helps to abstract from your problems and to watch it from the sidelines.

Safety arrangements

While arranging your breaks during a workday, be careful!

First, you should have a certain plan of work and breaks. You should relax when you are on your break: make some exercises as your body also wants to change its position.

Then it is important to follow time frames. Otherwise, you can become lazy and ineffective. A time tracker can help you to calculate time spent on work.

And, after all, your chief can be against of your intellectual approach to labor. You will have to discuss this problem to your management. Ask for a trial period of your method and your chief will see from a time tracker report that it works. 

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