How to develop your leadership competence. Guide for managers


Do by yourselves

A successful leader should be acquainted with documentation where all main objectives and the strategy of a company or a division of a company are described. You should know the mechanisms of business process of your company, a time tracker statistics, follow the general strategy of its development and know how to act within the frames of internal order. Make a list of the most important topics for your division. Make a list of questions which occurred while reading the documentation. Try to find answers on them by yourself (without a help of experts).

Arrange a seminar devoted to the strategy of your company and its connection to the objectives of your division for employees  

On the seminar together with your colleagues try to figure out what is strategy, why you need it and how you can use it in your work, how the strategy is formulated and what it means for your company.

Arrange a meeting devoted to discussing the strategy of your company and the strategy of your division with employees

Within the frames of the meeting discuss strategic objectives of the company and find individual objectives of each member of your team within the boundaries of the company strategy. Try to assess your work according to the scores in time tracker reports and other reports. Express your ideas how your objectives can be reached. Organize work groups of those employees whose aims and objectives come across or depend on each others.

Plan regular meetings with colleagues for progress monitoring

Think over of how you will check your progress, financial and organizational effectiveness of staff members. The best solution for that is using of a time tracker. Check regularly whether staff members have all needed sources and information for effective work.

Inform the employees about the results of the assessment of the function by internal and/or external clients

After informing of the employees about the results make a “brainstorm” devoted to the planning of actions for improvement of the situation and work with available feedback. Set the scores for future time tracker reports in order to know what result will provide the effectiveness of your business.

Attract two or three the most active and effective members of your team

Discuss possible ways of improvement of the situation. Try to figure out why you have difficulties and what you can change in order to prevent potential problems. Sometimes it happens that problems occur because of unproductive work of some team members. To check it, analyze the scores of your colleagues in a time tracker.

Control the financial effectiveness of your division

Ensure that there’s a convenient electronic form for employees where they can enter expenses and thanks to which you can check the budget of the division. Plan the expenses of the division and discuss them with your team members. Ask your employees how they think would be better to spend recourses of your division. You can also discuss the amount of bonuses owing for those who scored the best results in a time tracker reports.

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