Monitoring of the work of staff. Different approaches and methods

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The problem of monitoring of employees’ work became quite actual in many companies. Constant violation of workplace discipline can cause financial losses. How to prevent such a problem?

Every person who works for a company is an important element in production of goods and services and, as a result, in profit-making.  Violation of interior order, arriving late and leaving earlier than it should be and smoking breaks can lead to the loss of efficiency of production. And if there’s a chance to control employees in a small company, there’s no way to do that in a big one.

Recording of working time can solve the following problems:

  • To raise the discipline of staff members, as without it a company can never be successful
  • To correct payroll accounting for employees taking into consideration actual hours worked
  • On the basis of the recording it is possible to determine a real effectiveness of an employee and his or her contribution to common goal

Types of recording of working time

Recording of working time of staff members can be provided by different means. It can be provided automatically or manually.

Manual method is provided by using a timesheet. The amount of appearances and nonappearances with the reasons of absence is indicated in it. Also the amount of actual hours worked is indicated in a timesheet. A timesheet is made in one copy and its maintenance is provided by human resource managers or heads of departments. Moreover, using a manual method an absentee book is usually also need to be used. It is filled at the entrance of a company building and is being checked with an absentee book in the end of each month.

Recording of working time have been provided manually for a long time but now, when there are modern electronic technologies it became possible to provide recording of working time automatically. It is really important for big productions and companies. Time trackers allow forming a report not only for one employee but for all staff members of a company and even choosing a targeted characteristic and make a report on it.

How to choose the most effective system of recording of working time? How does a time tracker work?

Using a time tracker the registration of arrival and leaving of staff members is provided automatically. On the basis of platform “1С Enterprise” it is possible to install integrated time tracker software using which will be possible to record working time automatically. Integrated system works thanks to data reading from personal cards.

Nowadays the most convenient, easy to use and efficient system for working time monitoring is CrocoTime. It is a good time tracker which can help to control employees not spending much time and efforts on this. Using CrocoTime a manager can see how much time is spent on work and how much time is wasted on attractions. A good manager will use a time tracker to figure out what activities bring a profit and which ones aren’t worth doing at all. Detailed and flexible reports from CrocoTime will show management strong and weak points in the work of a company.

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