The notion and types of schedules and recording of working time

учет времени

Labor of people as well as all their life is connected with time. As public activities of people are various the most common and acceptable for all kinds of work measure of time spent on work is working time. Amount of working time and its rate is defined by the level of society development, political and economic factors. Law makes this measure compulsory.

From the one hand, working time determines the amount of time needed for work. From another hand, it determines the amount of time which is available for leisure. Most companies use time trackers to record the amount of time which is spent on different types of working tasks.

There are three types of working time:

  • Normal
  • Shortened
  • Part-time

The type of working time should be pointed in a time tracker in order to count the amount of time which is normal for an employee to fulfill his duties.

Normal amount of working time is forty hours a week, not more. Some categories of employees have shortened amount of working time. For example, the amount of working time for teachers should not be more than thirty-six hours a week. Medical staff works not more than thirty-nine hours a week. Individual schedules and amounts of working time are usually showed in time tracker reports in companies which use time trackers.

Part-time work can be also set for some categories of employees. If it is not a freelancer a part-time schedule can be also for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Single parents of children aged less than fourteen years
  • People who provide medical attendance for an ill member of family

The wage of such categories of people is counted according to the amount of working time recorded in a time tracker.

Schedule of working time combine the following conditions of work:

  • Working week duration
  • Irregular working time
  • Duration of a working shift
  • Time of start and finish of work
  • Time for breaks during a working day
  • Amount of schedules during a day
  • Staff schedule

Recording of working time

There are two types of recording of working time:

  1. Day tale
  2. Summing

Day tale recording of working time is used when every working day or shift is counted.

Each month report in a time tracker shows the number of working days or shifts an employee worked. Summing recording of working time is used when the conditions of work in a company cannot respond to ordinary requirements for working schedules. Such type is used in process manufacturing or in some other types of companies. Each employee has a certain quantity of working hours he or she should work in some certain period of time. This period is set by a company but the amount of working hours should correlate with the law.

All the ways of working time recording are acceptable and their use depends on conditions of company functioning and special character of profession of an employee. The most important thing here is the correct recording of working hours in order to set payments correctly. A good and safe time tracker can help a company to provide the recording of working time without any difficulties.

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