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Seven steps to effectiveness and perfect results.

Nowadays it’s not a secret for most companies that a competent salesman is almost a guarantee of sales growth. It means that salesmen should be good qualified. This also usually means that it is necessary to teach employees.

What can you buy for money?

Very often retail managers are sure that the more money they pay to salesmen the more sales they do. To make front-line employees attentive to customers they need to be paid two hundred dollars more. It’s funny but it’s not true! You can buy only the presence of your employees at a work place and their work hours counted by a time tracker for money! Quality of work of an employee depends only on a manager. It is! And it isn’t quite right to shift the blame to the higher management who doesn’t pay enough for salesmen to smile to customers. To make your team more active and to make sales grow you need to fulfill two conditions:

  1. To recruit a team of “right” employees with good time tracker scores
  2. To make an atmosphere where smiles, laugh and a positive mood can occur itself

How to find good ones?

It is always extremely difficult to find a good employee for work in a retail shop. Unfortunately the vacancy of a cashier or a salesman is hardly ever a wish for young, educated and skilled people. It is sad but true and nothing is going to be changed. The number of shops is constantly growing and, consequently, the number of job positions in retail business is growing with a high speed.

Where to find employees? The answer is everywhere! When should you do that? Always! Managers should use each opportunity to meet a good employee as very often they are customers themselves. If you like a waiter in a restaurant or a salesperson in a shop, don’t wait to offer him to join your team.

Your following step is to offer your employees to find candidates. Make a bonus for those whose candidates successfully get through the first interview. You can also add a rating of workers who are good at finding candidates to your time tracker report which will help you to count bonuses.

How to figure out that a candidate is someone you need? Here are some questions which will help you to understand it.

  • Is the person talkative?
  • Can he/she start a conversation at ease?
  • How often does the person smile? Can you call him/her a positive person?
  • Does he/she interrupt you during your conversation?
  • Do you like to talk to the person?

If all of these questions are answered you will understand whether you need this person in your team or not.

The atmosphere

When your perfect team is packed and you like the scores in your time tracker reports it is still not the time to get relaxed. Sometimes people lose their motivation to work because of the atmosphere at work. Everyday routine and a constant desire to get the best results in sales and in a time tracker report can exhaust a person and make him apathetic and sad. Your task as a manager is to arrange the work of your employees in such a way they were interested in working and they were positive and cheerful. Pay a lot of attention on the mood of your salesmen! It is almost everything you need to get good results!

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