Staff recruitment. Problems and solutions

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Staff recruitment is one of the most important and difficult steps of work with employees including staff requirement estimation, constructing of a model of work places, professional personnel selection and creation of reserves.

The key moment that is necessary to define before the recruitment is to set strict and adequate requirements to candidates. Documentation basis of such requirements is personnel administration plan where a time tracker criteria is also mentioned.

The process of staff recruitment

There are two types of staff recruitment:

  • Using the sources of the company
  • Using the sources from outside.

Outside sources are usually more popular as the sources of a company are usually limited. And if there are some candidates on a position among staff members of a company it will be necessary to find candidates for their previous positions.

Outside sources can be divided into three groups:

  • Expensive (recruitment agencies, publications in mass media)
  • Inexpensive (government employment agencies, contacts with higher education institutions)
  • Free (free web portals)

It is important to mention that to find a well-qualified employee even in condition of a high level of unemployment is very difficult. A candidate should be competent; he should have a working experience, have good characteristics on a previous work (achievements, diplomas, certificates, good positions in a time tracker rating among colleagues).

Sometimes employers need not high-qualified workers. In this case they use free sources for recruitment and do not check such things like recommendations or time tracker reports.


Headhunting method is based on not finding candidates in outside sources but on “hunting” on specialists from other companies. An employer knows that a specialist who works in other company has good characteristics, experience and skills, he is well-organized and successful, has good scores at a time tracker. And he offers him more favorable terms.  Headhunters search for employees using a detailed analysis of the market and potential companies that can supply the market with good candidates. Also headhunters should know the specifics of work of some companies from different sectors of the market, as, for example, different companies have different conditions of work and time tracking. The sources of information for headhunters are:

  • Reports and brochures published by companies;
  • Time tracker requirements for employees;
  • Published ratings, articles and other materials;
  • Confidential web search.

Selection of the staff

Selection of the staff is essential process of finishing of staff recruitment according to the requirements of a company. Candidates should have several interviews which will be focused on different aspects:

  1. Selective interview
  2. Filling of application form
  3. Interview (Biographical, Situational, Structured, Stress).

All these levels of selection should be passed in order to choose a really good employer who will help you to develop your business without any fails and problems.

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