Management of troubled personnel: some pieces of advice to a manager

Management of troubled personnel some pieces of advice to a manager

Who makes problems?

Irresponsible behavior of personnel has its own reasons. There are several factors influencing on behavior of troubled employees. Modern technologies which make work processes of employees easier are also included in this list. Everything that provides a comfort to an employee is also included in the list of these factors. Moreover, a pamperedness of a childhood can also influence on troubled employees. 

To change such a behavior, it is better to find a personal approach to each employee. The reason of it is that there are several personality types which require different approaches.

  • Passive personality. Those who are afraid of being responsible for something and escape from conflicts. Such employees are touchy, spectacular and always try to please everyone. You can influence on such a person only by not giving a chance to avoid responsibility for misbehavior. Show a time tracker report with poor index of effectiveness of this employee, revoke a bonus, or do something else. He should feel responsibility for everything he does.
  • Aggressive personality. People who try to frighten someone who requires something from them. The main objective while communicating with this type of employees is not to fight a defensive action. Excessive flexibility of a manager will lead to a discredit. If it is too difficult not to get involved into this fight, try to use other tools: time tracking, delegation of tasks, etc.
  • Passive and aggressive personality. Such people are passive in case of open conflict and prefer acting underhandedly. They attack only when they are sure in their impunity. The only one chance to influence on this type is a constant open opposition. This will reduce the number of attacks. Try to switch to effectiveness of this type of employee. Show that you are concentrated not on a conflict but on other things: motivation with the help of a time tracker, rising of effectiveness of business-processes, analyzing of current results.

How to exclude troubled and tough candidates while recruiting

It is sometimes easier to prevent appearing of a troubled employee in your team than to correct his behavior. There are 4 rules to exclude troubled and tough candidates while recruiting:

  • You need to know exactly who you want to hire. It is important to formulate in advance the list of characteristics, skills and knowledge needed for a candidate to occupy a vacancy.
  • It is better to arrange a phone interview.
  • Recruit only those candidates who don’t need an improvement.
  • Study new methods and sources of recruitment.

If you don’t want to struggle with different problems concerning behavior of troubled employees, it is important for them to know that they are under your control. Use a time tracker to know effectiveness of your employees. It will minimize the number of conflicts with your personnel as a time tracker shows exactly how effective an employee is.

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