Peculiarities of using time trackers: advantages and disadvantages

Peculiarities of using time trackers advantages and disadvantages

Time tracking is getting more and more popular in modern companies which take care of the level of their effectiveness and productivity. This solution allows them to find out what is going on in computers of employees during work time. Time trackers give the opportunity to raise effectiveness of personnel and to coordinate human resource management in general. This application can help to optimize business-processes which can influence on a company’s profit.

However, the question of violation of personnel privacy is appearing.

From the one hand, employees should have some time for personal activities even at a workplace. And they, actually, have such a time during a work day (it is a lunch break).

From the other hand, employees are paid for their work time and employers expect a productive using of time from an employee.

That is why it is important to observe advantages and disadvantages of using time trackers for a company.

What is a time tracker?

It is a program which gathers information on what employees do at their computers. They also have the opportunity to determine a time spent on a certain activity and to calculate its effectiveness. The main objective of this program is to record a time and to raise productivity of its usage. It is a useful solution for those who is not indifferent to the profitability of his business.


Time trackers, such as CrocoTime, are best tools for improvement of work process of personnel.

Very often it seems to employees that there isn’t enough time for implementing work tasks. But actually employees don’t know how much time was just wasted on ineffective actions. A time tracker can show these activities and can help an employee to become more effective. It can minimize the number oа distraction and even help to save work time.


Very often management struggles with problems concerning complaints of employees about using of a time tracker. They say that this is a violation of their privacy. This situation can be easily resolved by a management: an employee can stop time tracker monitoring in order to use a computer for personal purposes. But this time spent on personal activities won’t be a work time. According to a work time recorded by a time tracker an appropriate amount of salary can be calculated.

To sum it up it is important to notice that effectiveness of time trackers depend on employers. The more options are used, the better a business-process can be analyzed. Human recourse management is a difficult system which needs enough skills and tools for its improvement. Time tracking today is one of the best solutions for modern companies.

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