Problems of human recourse management in project organization

Problems of human recourse management in project organization

Projects are meaningful for most business and state organizations. Thanks to them most companies are able to enlarge their profits, especially when they are connected with production of systems and products based on using of advanced technologies. Also projects can provide sustainable development of business, provide modernization of production and management and can be competitive.

Growing need in projects increases the necessity of recruiting of new employees who can be effectively managed. Activities of each member of a project become more effective if he understands basic concepts of project management.

Human recourse management should be elaborated perfectly well long before implementing of a project. Before recruiting, it is important to take into consideration the amounts of wages, possible trainings of employees or their following development, different social programs and choosing of a time tracker. All these actions are more effective if they are involved into one system. Risks will be reduced and a project will be implementing effectively when a company will regard personnel management as a complex system:

  • Separation of duties
  • Defining of cooperation of employees between each other
  • Coordination and subordination of employees
  • Recruitment and gathering of a company
  • Correct distribution of load according to a time tracker report

There are lots of project-oriented companies nowadays who have special tools of internal communications and use time trackers for correct calculating of payments.

Human recourse management of a project starts from creating of a project group. This group should be in process of forming till the stage of implementing of a project. It is important to have a good manager, a planner and control risks and costs engineers.

When a project group is forming, the problem of motivation appears. It is important to take into consideration using of personal approach to each employee. It is very important to become a leader of a project in order to save your project group. Unfortunately, human recourse management in projects has more substantial risks. It happens that competitors create a similar project and try to tempt employees away from your project. In this case it is important to have a backup in order to attract new employees instead of those who went away.

On the stage of project implementing a project group can struggle with conflicts between employees. That is why it is important to create a friendly atmosphere in a team in order to minimize such a risk. If a time tracker is used, it will be informative to show how much everyone does for a common business. Time tracker reports can show that success of a project depends on how consistently a team works and it will be obvious that employees depend on each other in business-process.

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