Time tracker is a HR specialist's assistant

No technology can replace a HR specialist completely but it can help to automate and simplify some tasks making it easier to work and always keep your finger on the pulse of the company. An automated time tracker is of great value...

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HR assistant

Time tracker: useful feature or necessity?

How to understand whether your company needs a time tracker? The founder of modern management Peter Drucker, author of the book “The Effective Executive”, once was asked this question. There are situations which directly show that the company in question needs a...

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Simple tips to monitor your computer usage

Today, computer monitoring becomes a vital necessity. According to a study by the University of Hong Kong, each 20-th inhabitant of the planet suffers Internet addiction. This is due to the proliferation of free Wi-Fi access points and a variety of gadgets....

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Control your computer

Why do you need a time tracker?

The main task of a time tracker is to increase the efficiency of the organization. Using such a system, an organization’s management is able to analyze the effectiveness of staff and use the data collected by the time tracker when calculating wages...

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Why do you need a time tracking system

Why does your company need a time tracker?

How can you use CrocoTime to find time loss areas and to clearly discover who really works for the company? What tasks can be solved by the time tracker? Time tracker helps to find areas where the work time is wasted Ideal employees...

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Increase productivity with time tracking

CrocoTime – the automated time tracker

To make an informed decision to optimize working time a manager should have exact understanding of how much time is spent productively and unproductively. However, instead of providing a summary, many available time trackers show screenshots, keystrokes, scroll maps, etc. Alas, it...

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Time tracker helps to prevent burnout

Having encountered the concept of using a time tracker for the first time, unpleasant feelings about supervision and control arise. Naturally, it would seem that a time tracker would sooner cause burnout than help to prevent it. However, such conclusions are based...

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Employee monitoring software prevents burnout.
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